Being And Becoming

by Sam Davis

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All songs on this album (besides Harvest Moon) were written and recorded by Sam Davis.


released November 4, 2012

Vocals - Sam Davis
Instrumentals - Sam Davis
Songwriting Credit - Sam Davis



all rights reserved


Sam Davis New York, New York

Singer/Songwriter. 21. NYC and Northampton.

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Track Name: Lately
lately it wont stop raining
and I've been waiting
so long inside for you
but baby,
I see the sunlight
and it's a new and brighter blue

I cant see the ground
the water floods the streets of home
but sunshine,
I know youre out there
and you remind me im not alone

I know that we’ll be alright

the wind may
come in and smack you
twist you around until youre blind
but darling
youve gotta get up
rewind your switch until youre fine
oh honey
love is an art form
not just a key you have to find

and yes I know its hard to see past the rain
but the trees still grow and I can feel the end of this pain
Track Name: Floating Away
Verse 1:
you’re a shot of tequila
you’re a fine wine
you’re a glass of scotch
and a taste of gin
you’re an empty cup
with an empty mouth
but you fill me to the brim

Pre-chorus 1:
yeah I know that you can’t hear me
but I talk until my tongue is numb
I know you’re not really near me
I'll take my shoe off your bubble gum

I’ll follow you away
follow anyway
I’m floating away x2

Verse 2:
I know that in a day this will hurt
but right now you’re a bandaid covering the dirt
all of the words that’ve brought me here
are traced back to you, the only words you hear

Pre-chorus 2:
I know you can’t really see me
but I move until my feet are glued
know that you’ll never feel me
so I’ll pretend that im good as new
Track Name: Scraping At Leftovers
I dont want to pick up the pieces anymore
I cant take the leftovers of your heart
I dont want to pick up the pieces you leave on the floor
I cant take the leftovers from our start

but I still care
what you do
and I still think about
who thinks of you
maybe it's the start of our new beginning
maybe it's the end of our time

I'm through with us
I'm through with not being enough
i cant save your place anymore
cuz its cold outside and it wasnt before
im through with you
and I know that you want to be too
so I'm giving up for the both of us
time to stop pretending this could ever be enough
this will never be enough

we’re living off the echoes never making new sounds
no more harmonies or whistles
now its silent in our house
how can you expect me to write a symphony as one
a song is a duet
and there are two parts to be sung
Track Name: Honeymoon
the sky was blue
and your frame was too
you wore your shirt like a honey moon
in a crowd of worms
you were all I'd see
you would shine right next to me

your lips were dry and
your eyes were red
and through the wind
you picked up your head
through a breeze of leaves
you were all I'd see
you would shine right next to me

through everything that we tried to deny
above us held a force that begged a reply
through everything that you blinked away too soon
im not done with your honeymoon

your shadows crawled oon me
when you werent there
so through your peace I swam through the air
across all worlds
you were all I'd see
so you'd still shine right next to me
Track Name: Scrambled & Unresolved
I spend my time falling into necks
so I dont have to think about what comes next
I just fall and I race to the end of the day
and nobody knows
it's a beautiful thing
a beautiful thing

I spend my time thinking of her
so I don't have to know that I'm wasting away
all my thoughts and blinks
all that thinks and shrinks
in the wash

pull me down the tree of life
take me out of the fight
pull me out the endless road
take me out of what i know

scrambled and unresolved
no matter how many times I fall
I'll stay scrambled and unresolved

nothing I do ever seems to amount
in anything else than a happiness count
and it doesnt go up it just solos down
but only i know
it's a beautiful thing
a beautiful thing

I waste my time in outerspace
so i dont have to think about my own tired face
all my tricks and features
while I try and reach her
in the sky
Track Name: That Room
I'll carry your flaws if youll carry me home
and I'll hold up a gun if you leave me alone
and maybe im drunk, drunker than I knew
it's no use cuz im not going home without you

as we sat in your kitchen and I watched your knees shake
ran through points and what I could or couldnt take
theres no sense in logic if it leaves me without you
and I wont leave without you

i felt your eyes moving slowly
and i knew that we were meant to be

in that room
in that room
always in that room

as you watched my mouth, I understood your place
I cant leave you alone, even if we break
cuz being silent with you is better than talking to anyone else
know your lines more than anyone else

and I felt your gaze moving towards me
and I knew that we were supposed to be

the room between the real and dreams
the only place that our two lines meet
away from everyone else
the only space we can be a we
where your chapped lips mean the world to me
I dont want anyone else
I only want you
in that room
waiting in that room
Track Name: Saving Your Place
you look me in the eye
pretending that you’re fine
then you turn your back away
I watch the light fall to your face

you stumble on your words
and I want to be your cure
I double as your curse
so you wont let me see you fall

I can see through your eyes
but I dont know what the fear means every time

your touch feels like valium
and I'm already addicted
but I don't smoke or inhale you
I get second hand high
the smallest move youve made
from your hands to your face
I'm sitting in the sidelines
I'm saving your place

you kiss him next to me
try to set me free
but I just feel closer to you
grab your waist and feel in tune

you come in colors
but you're not a rainbow
only one at a time
you change so quickly it's left me blind

I can see through your mind
but I don't know what the fear means everytime
Track Name: Gravity
I'm catching all my tear drops in a jar
and I'm throwing all my worries away
I know that we havent gone too far
but I'm filing through all the memories we saved

I'm planting seeds of hope and restoration
in times when all the trees cant seem to grow
I'm resisting all the following temptation
and creating past and future where I go

I cant keep on looking for meaning
or have expectations of my being
cuz if I search, I'll never find it
so ill just be
like gravity

it took me 17 years to know
that falling down is what we have to do
and each time that I come crumbling to the floor
it remember how it rained and flowers bloomed